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Select Your Builder Before Your Architect

The Benefits May Surprise You

Typically you call an architect, he designs your home, then you interview builders and get prices. You select one, get permits and start building. But, what happens when the bids for building your home all come in too high? Or, you find out that your lot has some geologic issues, or local regulation constraints impeding the build? You’ve now spent thousands of dollars on a design that is not feasible. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again, here’s why:


the construction triangle...

Your budget, scope/quality and schedule (the construction triangle) all have to sync up. In order for this to happen, your general contractor needs to work with your architect to make sure all 3 pieces meet during the design phase of your home. 


Architects design,it is not their job to estimate building costs

When it comes to very high-end building, all facets of the construction process tend to be more challenging than typical small remodel construction. Land use, local zoning and ordinances, HOAs, complex amenities, and client privacy, to name a few, drive the need for owners to hire a Construction Manager or Owner’s Representative prior to, or at the same time as Architect selection.  This way the architect is well informed of the construction side of the building project, including costs, to avoid pitfalls.

 A good contractor will also be able to look at your lot and foresee any issues that may arise. They will test the ground for any engineering needs which could affect your budget and design. They will be well versed in your local areas particular building regulations. Things like maximum square footage for your city, or property setbacks can impact design quite a bit.

Your contractor will advocate on your behalf as a respected 3rd party and offer a check and balance to the architect and vice versa. By hiring both parties in tandem they will be able to establish a relationship early on and ensure a successful outcome. This has been our experience at C.M. Peletz in our 70 year history and we hope that your project goes well whether with us or another company you choose. 

If at any point you have questions or need advice, we welcome your inquiries. 

-Dave Markham


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