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Learn about our services and the rich history that is C.M. Peletz

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Whether we are constructing a multi-family housing unit in San Francisco, or building a custom home in Woodside, our team is here to serve your construction needs. We offer both construction management and general contracting services and are happy to work with you in whatever capacity you choose. No matter how we work together, our goal is the same: to provide you an unparalleled building experience. Our project managers advocate on your behalf, consistently representing your budgetary needs, schedule and quality expectations with all parties involved. To do this, we proudly maintain a staff of field and operation specialists with an impressive array of qualifications, experience,  and knowledge of local building regulations.

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Custom Homes are our specialty, and we take great pride in the many beautiful homes we have built throughout our history. Our experience spans from the thoughtfully-planned   3,000 sq. ft. home to the expansive 12,000 sq. ft. estate. Our projects can be seen throughout the Peninsula and San Francisco Bay Area. For many projects we do more than just build; we consult and coordinate other necessary parts of the project, including feasibility, property purchase and land use. We're happy to share an extensive list of the homes we've recently worked on in  your area upon request.


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Our portfolio of commercial projects range from medical facilities in San Jose to shopping centers in Los Gatos and Palo Alto. We can assist you with ground-up construction or help remodel your existing building without interruption to your business. We also have significant expertise in historical retrofits particulary in the San Francisco region. Our services for commercial include construction management as well as general contracting. To learn more about our commercial offerings, including a list of recent work, feel free to reach out.


rich heritage

deep in the Bay Area's roots

Take a trip to San Francisco’s telegraph hill, or go shopping at the Stanford mall, there are landmarks throughout the Bay Area representing the creative muscle and prowess of C.M. Peletz Co. Our story begins in the 1940's....

The Hermitage building San Francico mutl


Well versed in both general construction and project management of high end multi-unit townhouses and condominiums, we can accommodate your building needs. Your residential investment project may be complex, but our experience helps us anticipate and proactively navigate you through any choppy waters that may occur.


Heritage-Out Story

Our Story

Est. 1948

The company was founded in 1948 by Cyril M. “Cy” Peletz., (right), a California native, graduate of U.C. Berkeley and registered Civil Engineer. After his service as a Major in the Army during World War II, he went to work for Parker, Steffens and Pierce, a building contractor in San Francisco. A creative visionary and charming intellectual, Mr. Peletz became highly regarded for his craft and opened the doors to his very own firm in 1948, and then  incorporated the business with the name C.M. Peletz Co. in 1952. Building contracts in the early years included institutional as well as private estates on the San Francisco peninsula.

a reputation
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 As the business grew, it quickly established a reputation for fine building. From the early 1960’s to present day C.M. Peletz, Co. has engaged in private, negotiated works consisting mainly of medical, office, retail and luxury single and multi-family residential projects. Mr. Peletz created quite a number of partnerships for the purposes of building medical office buildings where he would contribute his contractor’s fee as his stake in the building’s equity.

a new era

As Mr. Peletz looked towards his retirement years, and a successor, he began training David Markham to one day take over the business. In July of 2002, David purchased C.M. Peletz Co. from Mr. Peletz after working for the firm for 16 years and serving as vice-president for the last five. Combining the experience garnered from an icon in the construction industry with modern project management systems and technology, Mr. Markham carries on the 70+ year tradition of constructing and remodeling the finest buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

the tradition lives on

Carrying the company into the 21st century, David has implemented changes to keep up with the tech-savvy needs of his Silicon Valley clients and architect partnerships while still remembering the fundamental lessons he learned early on from Mr. Peletz. The company continues to grow with impressive projects in size and intricacy with some well deserved accolades and notariety received, such as the AIA Merit Award and a wonderfully written article in California Home+Design. 

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