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How Much Will My Home Remodel Cost?

Preparing A Budget For Your Project

Figuring out how much you should budget for your renovation can be difficult. There is quite alot of information out there, some accurate some not. The California Bay Area market is going to be different than the national averages. Here are some key areas that will affect your budget and a great piece with accurate project budget ranges for the San Francisco Bay Area  region. 

What Affects Project Costs?

Overall Project Size-T he larger the size, the lower the overall cost per square foot. If you are considering just a couple rooms, and doing the rest later it may cost you more.

Rooms Being Remodeled- Kitchens for instance are more complex than a bedroom and will cost substantially more.

Style- If you have expensive taste and you want the lastest in design style, your budget will need to be on the higher end.

Difficulty- If your project will be complex, require special engineering (if you are building on a sloping hill for instance), have mandates for historical  preservation etc. that can also cause your project cost to go up.

How Much?

If you are looking for some basic budget information, then fill out our form to automatically access a report for 2020 showing a range ofcosts and values for the SF Bay Area broken down by project type.


Already have a budget number in mind? Calling a contractor is really the best way to get an accurate estimate of how much your particular project will cost. Let's chat!

-Dave Markham


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