C.M. Peletz Co. was founded in 1948 by Cyril M. “Cy” Peletz, a California native, graduate of U.C. Berkeley and registered Civil Engineer. After service as a Major in the Army during World War II, Mr. Peletz went to work for Parker, Steffens and Pierce, a building contractor in San Francisco. He went out on his own in 1948 and incorporated C.M. Peletz Co. in 1952. Building contracts in the early years included institutional as well as private projects on the San Francisco peninsula. From the early 1960’s to the present the company has engaged in private, negotiated works consisting mainly of medical, office, retail and luxury single-, and multi-family residential projects mostly on the SF peninsula. The Spanish Bay Townhouse project in Pebble Beach California, completed in 1992, was a notable geographic exception. Mr. Peletz created quite a number of partnerships for the purposes of building medical office buildings where he would contribute his contractor’s fee as his stake in the building’s equity.

In July of 2002, David Markham purchased C.M. Peletz Co. from Mr. Peletz after working for the firm for 16 years and serving as vice-president for the last five. Mr. Markham is a sixth generation Californian and has a B.S in Construction Management from California State University at Chico. His experience in managing construction projects is extensive and includes medical office, retail, seismic upgrade and the finest in custom homes. Combining the experience garnered from an icon in the construction industry with modern project management systems and technology, Mr. Markham is determined to carry on the 60+ year tradition of constructing and remodeling the finest buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.