Telegraph Hill Residence

Location: San Francisco, CA
Description: Residence
Square Feet: 12,000

This Telegraph Hill house with its striking views was a Gardner Dailey original.

The Owners loved the location and history but the property had changed hands quite a few times, each time the interior changing for the worse.

George Homsey (GD expert) of EHDD fame along with Joram Altman designed the project which due to neighbor involvement left most of the visible exterior to be restored while the shell, all interiors and rear façade were gutted, structurally reinforced, refitted and refinished.

The split-level garage and storage became the biggest structural challenge due to reinforcing massive existing concrete-encased steel beams and underpinning existing footings. Installing a new, sub-floor, elevator-accessed storage facility also proved a test.

Hillside conditions and tight street access were overall job challenges.

While the lower guest units are of top quality, the 2-floor Owner’s quarters have been masterfully fitted with intricate built-in cabinetry throughout, a stunning and abundant kitchen, and spacious and a luxuriously appointed master bath. All rooms are finished with simple, yet precise elegance, highlighting window views and exterior light in true EHDD fashion.