Location: Los Gatos, CA
Description: Commercial Building
Square Feet: 35,000

The modern version of this Los Gatos shopping center designed by architect Kenneth Rodrigues and Partners came about as the result of the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. Due to seismic damage, the complex was in need of extensive repairs. Fortunately, the timing was right for a new look as well.

Portions of the 35,000 square foot center were razed completely while other units were retrofitted while remaining in place with active tenants carrying on business. New and existing buildings were strengthened to modern seismic requirements and all received the Colonial style frontage and roof treatments fit for the upscale neighborhood.

In addition, the large parking lot was reconfigured and completely redone in fazes to accommodate the functioning businesses.

Needless to say, coordination was at a premium on this project which features a wood and steel frame, a panelized roof system with concrete tile, cedar shingle siding, GFRC columns with river rock bases and an anchor tenant in Whole Foods Market.

Though most neighborhood retail centers can look passé once the paint is dry, the Cornerstone will stand the test of taste and time.