Location: San Francisco, CA
Description: Commercial Building
Square Feet: 11250

The Coppersmith Building in San Francisco’s South of Market district is an example of early 20th century poured-in-place concrete construction. The 8,750 square foot building was constructed in 1921 for O’Donnell Copper Works.

C.M. Peletz Co. has performed several structural upgrades to the building while taking great care to maintain its historic look and detail. Structural improvements included roof-to-wall connections, roof diaphragm and moment frame.

We recently upgraded the shell to make way for a new long-lease tenant, including carpentry, roofing, new base-building electrical services, plumbing and mechanical systems along with tenant improvements for the Owner/Tenant on the upper floor.

Building maintenance and upgrade are performed continually by C. M. Peletz Co for this long-term client.