Green Construction


C.M. Peletz Co. is committed to the encouragement and implementation of sustainable building practices. This commitment is evident not only in the buildings we build and remodel, but in our manner of conducting day-to-day business.

Project objectives and jobsite activities that are standard practice include:

  • Our project managers commute to the office and conduct all field visits in our fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles. Our field superintendents transport light materials and tools to jobsites via small high-mpg trucks. And we encourage all deliveries from suppliers to be grouped and bundled for maximum efficiency.
  • Mandatory recycling and documentation efforts by our forces as well as all subcontractors and suppliers including the reuse of materials on projects where possible.
  • Encouragement and promotion to clients and designers of sustainable material and product use where appropriate. This can include extensive research in order to decipher the true sustainable value of such alternatives.
    Encouragement and promotion of the use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood products.
  • Promotion to clients and designers of energy-saving systems and where possible, energy generation and storage systems. We have managed several complicated residential PV installations including a recent 81.7 KW system.

We recently remodeled our office space for obvious visual and practical reasons. One of them being increased energy efficiency. Along the way we recycled all removed materials and reused all framing material. The extensive new door and trim package was milled from reclaimed lumber. Our energy and lighting systems were upgraded to achieve a 40% average monthly reduction in energy use.

We are proud members of the United States Green Building Council